Krista was born and raised in San Diego and in the mortgage business!  At the early age of 14, she made her entrance into the industry by working for her fathers wholesale mortgage company.  She immediately knew that she inherited a love for the industry and began a home-schooling program to complete school early so that she could jump right into the business.  


To equip her to thoroughly know the finance world from beginning to end,  her father required her to train in each department before she could choose what path she would pursue.  Although she initially chose underwriting where she learned a plethora of knowledge and was promoted to management,  Krista found that her heart was attached to sales.  With this and her natural ability as an effective communicator,  the avenue she chose has metamorphosed into a rewarding and successful career  almost 20 years later.








"Being first time buyers me and my fiancee had a million and one questions and couldn't be happier to have Krista on our side to help us get all the answers. She has a true passion for real estate and you can tell it right away. Always helpful, always available and truly concerned about our needs . We are really happy to have worked with her and we will definitely continue to use her services when time comes ,KRISTA you ROCK !!" - Sebastian


"We wanted to refinance and had a very limited time-frame to complete all the necessary tasks. Krista was very proactive, on the ball with organizing all that needed to be done and kept the communication flowing so that everyone understand what was needed.  We were very impressed with her energy, work ethic, knowledge and staying on task.  She is very professional and friendly, we would recommend her to anyone.  Thank you so much for helping us, we really appreciated all your hard work."- Lynn & Stephen


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